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Founded in 2009 in Benin City, formerly Nabtech Webdesigners. Nabtech DigitalNet Limited was formed to provide professional web based services to small and medium sized organizations. We offer a wide range of digital agency-based services including web design, web development, app development and digital marketing services that are all delivered using the latest and greatest technologies with a personal hand-holding experience. Our goal is to provide our customers the means to effectively present and market themselves online successfully. We strategically help build your brand, improve your global web presence, and develop more meaningful relationships with your customers.


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We follow Agile Development Methodologies so our clients experience increased productivity and ensure we deliver significant business value early in the development process. Our resources are highly skilled and equipped to easily adapt to changes in your business requirements.

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Our approach towards our work goes beyond merely applying the latest innovations, technology and techniques. At Nabtech DigitalNet Limited, it's all about our clients making sure they stand out in the market place and differentiate themselves amongst their competitors.

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Nabtech DigitalNet Limited has a team of highly skilled and experienced individuals who all share the same excitement and energy for technology. We allocate highly skilled, intellectual, efficient and diverse staff to each project that we undertake ensuring your success.


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Media buying should be a significant part of your advertising strategy since it can magnify your investment and maximize the impact of your campaign. Even if you have no deep understanding of how advertising works, you still have an idea that primetime spots command premium prices.

02 Critical Upgrades to Breathe New Life into Your Dying Website

Ask the average person whether they think that a business must have a website, and they will give you a puzzled look. But, of course, it’s unimaginable to believe that a small company can thrive in a digital environment. Yet about 3 in 10 small businesses still have no websites. But many businesses with digital addresses depend on their in-house employees to manage their websites.

The brand is often mistaken to be synonymous with the company logo. But while you admittedly could not associate the logo with the company, focusing on the design to the exclusion of everything else is like skipping leg day. The result is a flawed campaign that will likely blow up in your face.

Two years into COVID-19, people are slowly learning to adapt to the new normal. However, while restrictions have eased in different places, the risk of infection remains a concern to many. Thus, you can expect users to continue browsing and shopping online to discover new products, find brands, and make purchases. Given this, it is more important than ever to update your e-commerce website to provide a seamless experience for customers. In addition, with so much competition in the digital sphere today, you need to identify and resolve gaps in your site immediately to keep users interested. Of course, technology is always evolving, so there will always be new things to do. However, here are the top five most important updates you need to make this year in terms of urgency. Make sure you do not delay doing these to maximize your gains for 2023.

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